Nadia is a trainer and educator with a 16 year professional practice background in Criminal Intelligence Analysis & Investigations across policing, sports integrity, and the financial sector.

During her 10 years as an Intelligence Analyst with the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS), Nadia worked with teams tackling an array of crime from burglary and robbery, to drugs trafficking and corruption. Although the majority of her work was in the proactive arm of policing, Nadia also served on crime-in-action teams responding to kidnaps and threats to life. It was in these high pressure environments that Nadia learned to really hone, and developed a keen interest in, critical thinking and emotional intelligence.

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On leaving the police, Nadia joined the then-Tennis Integrity Unit (now the International Tennis Integrity Agency), responsible for the investigation of match-fixing in tennis worldwide. Here she drove the use of intelligence-led investigations through the introduction of sophisticated network analysis using i2 Analyst’s Notebook. Nadia combined digital forensic outputs with other quantitative and qualitative information to conduct Social Network Analysis (SNA). Using SNA changed the way the team operated, prioritising work according to maximum intelligence opportunity with minimum compromise. Nadia also developed the team’s first Strategic Assessment, which again caused not just a change in the manner of the team’s operations, but also in its approach to partnership work internationally.
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In 2022, Nadia assumed a Senior Lecturer position at Brunel University London, teaching on the Policing Education Qualifications Framework (PEQF) pathways. Here, she teaches new MPS officers about topics such as evidence-based policing, criminological theory, and leadership, whilst also guiding them to fully develop their critical thinking abilities. Ever committed to professional development, Nadia attained Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA) in 2023.

Trading as New Insight Analysis since 2013, Nadia trains all manner of public and private sector bodies worldwide in Intelligence, Intelligence Analysis, Thinking Skills (including ‘Critical Thinking’), and Emotional Intelligence. With her own background spanning public and private organisations, Nadia is uniquely positioned to understand not just the needs of each sector, but how each sector can support or facilitate the other.

Across her career, Nadia has acted multiple times as both a Professional and Expert Witness around the world, in courtrooms and hearings both real and virtual. She is known for her communications skills, resilience in the witness box, and ability to clarify complex information in a simple fashion.

Aside from her continued passion for Intelligence Analysis, Nadia’s main interests are Thinking Skills and Wellbeing, in particular the neuroscientific footprint of and symbiosis between the two. Nadia is a vocal advocate for leadership attention to these topics, given the inherent benefits to both professional and personal life. This focus represents a unique combination of Nadia’s achievements in Higher Education, which include a First Class BSc Psychology with English Literature from the University of Buckingham, and an MSc Crime Science from University College London (UCL).
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