Foundations of Intelligence Analysis

Length: 2 Days

Who this course is for:
Coming in 2024

How much it costs:
Coming in 2024

Topics covered:
• What is Intelligence Analysis?
• Setting Direction – The Structured Approach
• Data Sources and Handling
• Information Collation
• Analytical Techniques
• Thinking Analytically
• Dissemination & Disclosure

Students will be able to:
• Define intelligence analysis, its purpose, and the attributes required for success
• Approach work with genuine clarity and foresight
• Identify suitable data sources, evaluating and handling information generated appropriately
• Standardise, visualise and explore data to facilitate insight
• Develop facts into testable hypotheses, generating recommendations designed for action
• Disseminate findings in context-appropriate styles, communicating clearly and convincingly
• Record and retain work in accordance with the Criminal Procedures & Investigations Act (CPIA) (1996)

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