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New Insight Analysis

Providing Intelligence and Investigations support & training to private and public sector organisations worldwide.

Analytical Services

From finding key figures within a network to key transactions in financial data, New Insight Analysis has the tools, the experience and the mindset to develop actionable intelligence from overwhelming amounts of information.
Food for thought workshop

Food For Thought Workshop

An innovative take on critical thinking, this workshop explores fake news, cognitive bias, logical reasoning, and mind decluttering to help you cope with information overload and improve decision making.


Born of a career in Intelligence, New Insight Analysis provides both Intelligence & Investigations support, and Intelligence training services to companies and government organisations worldwide. Most recently, New Insight Analysis has developed the acclaimed Food for Thought workshop, using new, innovative approaches to improve critical thinking and decision-making skills.
New Insight Analysis was founded by Nadia Tuominen, an Intelligence Analyst by trade with a background in Law Enforcement, Sports Integrity and Financial Investigations.

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