Food for Thought – Thinking Skills in the Modern Age

An innovative approach to improving critical thinking and decision-making skills

Topics include:

Information Overload & Fake News
Biased Thoughts
Flawed Arguments
Reasoning & Critical Thinking
Mind Decluttering
Food for thought workshop

'One of the most valuable courses currently available... essential for decision makers'

Rod Austin, MD of FiG Media Group

'One of the best workshops I've experienced in a long time'

Lawrie Day, CEO of AML Consulting (Global) Ltd

"It definitely gets you thinking about your own conscious/subconscious biases and the way situations affect how you think, react, or approach them."


"This workshop will not only help in a professional capacity but also in a personal one too, and that can only be a positive!"


"It gives analysts, especially newer analysts a better understanding of the thought process and how to use it within the analytical environment"


"I was sceptical at first about what this would help with. However I have come out with a different mindset, ready to tackle how I go about my work differently"


Information is thrown at us from all angles and all corners of the globe; from international TV news to social media and viral videos, we have more to process than ever before. When not all that information is true, or when it is twisted to suit an agenda, we have a serious problem. In this hectic era, we are all already stretching our mental capacities to maximum and, just like a computer, there is only so much we can handle before our brains crash.

With our defences down we make the most of cheats and shortcuts to lessen the mental burden, meaning our decisions are often the simplest or easiest rather than the best or most informed. This workshop is designed to tackle the problem of information overload head on through the development of critical thinking skills, and the embodiment of everyday wellbeing as a crucial foundation for this development.

Workshop Summary:

Discover your cognitive framework, develop critical thinking skills and explore techniques to declutter the mind.
Packed with ideas, experiments, interactive exercises and sources of learning.
Suitable for people of all ages and from all walks of life.
Scientific terms take a backseat to active participation and plain language.

Who should attend?

Do you feel overwhelmed with information or choice?
Are you struggling to tell real news from fake news?
Exhausted by decision making?
Want to improve your critical thinking skills?

By the end of the workshop you will be able to:


Realise the impact of modernisation on our thinking and planning skills.


Assess the objective strength of information using appropriate techniques and sources.

Enhance self-awareness of what shapes and influences your thought processes.

Identify problematic arguments, where weak or invalid reasoning is used to sway the thinking of the audience.

Make better, more accurate decisions using reflective critical thinking techniques.

Optimise your internal and external environments to get the most out of your mind.

Pricing & Format

Workshops take place in person across a single day, with up to 12 students per workshop.

“Closed” workshops hosted by the customer are offered to teams and organisations at a cost of £1,995 for a maximum of 12 students. Closed deliveries at off-site venues can be arranged by the trainer, with the cost of venue hire charged to the customer.

“Open” workshops are available to accommodate mixes of smaller teams and individuals. The cost is £389 per student, including lunch and refreshments (excluding travel and accommodation). These workshops operate at a minimum of 6 students, and remain at a maximum of 12 students.

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