Bringing clarity to complexity

Intelligence Analysis

From finding key figures within a network to key transactions in financial data, New Insight Analysis has the tools, the experience and the mindset to develop actionable intelligence from overwhelming amounts of information. Our intelligence products provide clarity and guidance, with practical, evidenced recommendations to help you meet your objectives quickly and efficiently.

Visualising Information

A picture speaks a thousand words.
Here at New Insight Analysis we use i2 Analyst’s Notebook to bring association-based information to life. Whether in support of an investigation or a presentation, our charts will save you time, money and effort, and provide an excellent basis for collaborative reference.

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“We have used New Insight Analysis on a number of occasions in investigations and have found Nadia’s work to be exceptional. Nadia has constantly delivered to meet our requirements. The analysis has provided the investigation team the opportunity to identify and focus on key subjects and has saved time in resources and additional expense. I would highly recommend NIA.”

Director, Investigations Industry

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